Author Topic: Bathroom faucet info - for Ellington residents in case they need it  (Read 1349 times)


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My bathroom faucet handles slowly froze, then couldn't be turned.  Turned out I could fix this myself (and I'm not terribly handy), and saved a ton in plumber's fees.

Original bathroom faucets are Kohler Taboret units - part number is 8215-K-BN.

However, UNLIKE the listed compatible parts with Kohler, in my unit the faucet handle valve cartridge stems are the following Kohler parts:

GP77006-RP (Ceramic valve cold)
GP77005-RP (Ceramic valve hot)

(the stems listed with Kohler were actually incompatible for my faucets)

To change the faucet stem - turn off water main.  Remove handle.  Then, you reveal the faucet valve, which has a 5/8" nut.  Loosen the nut with a socket wrench.  It may be calcified in place.  Tap the nut with a hammer a few times, then try to loosen counter clockwise (it eventually loosened for me).  You can then unscrew the whole faucet stem part.

Then apply plumber's grease to new valve threads, screw in the new valve stem (1/2 turn tighter than hand-tight).  Turn on water main to see if there's a leak.  Then reassemble faucet.  Run water to flush.

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Re: Bathroom faucet info - for Ellington residents in case they need it
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Thanks a million!
I spent hours on the internet to identify the model/part numbers, but no luck. I followed your instructions and it worked! no more leaking. Thanks for sharing./ Guru