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These blinds, which are in excellent condition were sized for an Ellington studio unit of 5 windows.
Call if you have questions. 
Barbara 206-403-8471

Clubs and Events / On-the-Waterfront Fitness Club
« on: May 21, 2015, 11:49:17 AM »
Join On-the-Waterfront Fitness Club for some seriously fun balance and strengthening workouts right here at the Sculpture Park.  We currently meet Thursdays at noon for moderate-level activities and on most Sunday's for more challenging workouts.  Click here to join the club  and sign up for activities listed on our calendar. 

These workouts are free and are intended to get folks out to appreciate an excellent workout in one of Seattle's most beautiful waterfront parks.

For more information, contact Barbara Loftus:

In The Neighborhood / On-the-Waterfront Fitness Club
« on: May 05, 2015, 01:07:25 PM »

I'm excited for you to join us at the Olympic Sculpture Park for some seriously fun balance and strengthening workouts in our Spring Training course.

Join Meetup to receive ongoing schedules and meeting locations:

Otherwise contact me to reserve a spot and plan to meet at the Sculpture Park Pavilion terrace on:
Thursdays at noon, starting May 7 and
Sundays at 9:45, starting May 17

Class Sizes limited so reserve your spot now!
(Mats and water bottles recommended)

Barbara Loftus


How's your posture?  Did you know that faulty posture affects your efficiency of movement and the wear and tear on your joints?
Barbara has 8 years of experience working with people suffering from chronic pain and faulty structural alignment.  Call for a free consultation and learn about her special corrective fitness/exercise training offer for Ellington residents only. 

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